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Or Shall I catch the ‘Higher Mind Study’ boat?

Drifting will not guarantee our best performance. Any white-water canoeist knows this. Somehow we must steer our way through life’s rough waters. But there are two ways to steer: an egotistic way, and God’s way.

Every Olympic athlete knows that an egotistic self-image is not the best aid to top performance. A man who struts about thinking how marvellous he is, how wonderful he looks to other people, is wasting energy that he needs for his greatest concentration of effort. Energy not focussed on the goal to be attained is energy dissipated and wasted.

Before we consider God’s way, and what God is, let us re-posit our question, put our question not in terms of ego or God, but in a more direct way.

Starting Propositions to effective Study

Why do we Study? We Study in order to bring Conscious Understanding & Intelligent Order into our Body, our Mind, & our World. To begin, our very first motive for Higher Mind Study is to consider our view about an important question:-

   Is the Universe in which we live Impersonal or Personal?

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