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The Magic Wheel is a special kind of Personal Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance through a wide range of arts & disciplines,
all with the aim of attaining Reflexive Self-Consciousness and Spiritual Freedom.

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all with the aim of Reflexive self-Consciousness

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Balance of Five Modalities

Spiritual ecology is the study of the interrelationships of all levels of our being, the recognition of the ways in which our body, feelings, time-thinkings, eternal concepts and initiative interfunction.As in natural ecology we observe that the destruction of one form of life unbalances the whole natural system.So in the realm of spiritual ecology the malfunction of one level...

Five Modalities

Jesus says, “Two fight three, and three fight two in one house”. The two are the Will and the Intellect; the three are the lower mental activities, the emotions, and the inertias of the physical body.Let us look at these five more closely. They are modalities of the sixth principle which transcends and embraces them. The five, counting from the lowest, arethe Body,the...

Free Decision

The materialist empirical scientist denies the possibility of free will and free decisions arising from it. Such a scientist reduces the world and all in to law-compelled patterns of behaviour, and includes himself in his law-conditioned system. Thus he is, by his own hypothesis, unable to act in any unconditioned way. His view-point condemns him to conformity with natural law; he is...

Spiritual Ecology

“Spirit” acts freely. “Matter” is bound to behave as it does when forces act upon it.“Spirit” has initiative; matter is ruled by inertia.Spirit can choose; matter cannot choose;Spirit has the power of self-determination; matter is determined by other than itself.In so far as we are human we can act freely;In so far as we cannot act freely, we fall short of our full human potential’s...

Freedom & Accident

There are few people who profess to disbelieve in freedom; who declare freedom to be an illusion, but when contradicted by the freedom believers, the disbelievers tend to fight to maintain their disbelief. They not only disbelieve in freedom, but work hard to try to persuade others to accept their disbelief, apparently quite unaware of the inconsistency of their persuasion...

Ecology of Spirit & of Matter

Ecology of Spirit & of MatterToday, if we are to leave our earth in a state fit for others to live in, we shall have to modify our whole behaviour pattern, and to do this we shall have to reverse the “Fall” which split our various functions from each other. We shall have to teach ourselves anew the correct way of interrelating our feeling, thinking and behaving. We shall have to...

What is Purpose?

Purpose is that which we posit now in order to fulfil over time. That which is to be fulfilled may be objective, subjective or be an action event.Our definition is not confined to human endeavour. Not only man has purpose. We say that all other creatures also have purpose, and all purposes of all beings are sub-purposes of the infinite power that made them all. From the atomic...

Science or Invisible God

We moderns live in an age that tends to believe more in the achievements of science than in the miraculous power of an invisible God.Yet physical science has been driven towards the recognition that all the energies manifesting in the universe are modes of operation of one supreme power.True, science has not yet managed to shake off its conceit and so confess that even the energies...

Spirit & Soul

True Oneness as the Aim of Study True Oneness does not disintegrate, does not die and corrupt and vanish. Every part of true Oneness involves in itself every other part. Man has not yet fully realised that his ultimate survival as a living being rests on his capacity to resist disintegration.Disintegration – what and howDisintegration implies lack of a single unifying purpose.So far,...

How Might We Begin Our Study?

The Study of Division & Decision. Let us go a little into considering why division is a necessity of creative intelligent living. If we allow ourselves for a moment to imagine the removal of dividing lines from all the things in the universe, we see at once that all the energies of which things are made would run together. There would be no world as we know it. No defined forms...

Why Do We Study?

We Study in order to bring Conscious Understanding & Intelligent Order into our Body, our Mind, & our World. To begin, our very first motive for Higher Mind Study is to consider our view about an important question:-   Is the Universe in which we live Impersonal or Personal?If we think of the universe as a manifestation of impersonal energies, we can approach it in a quite...

Question: Shall I Drift Through Life?

Or Shall I catch the ‘Higher Mind Study’ boat?Drifting will not guarantee our best performance. Any white-water canoeist knows this. Somehow we must steer our way through life’s rough waters. But there are two ways to steer: an egotistic way, and God’s way.Every Olympic athlete knows that an egotistic self-image is not the best aid to top performance. A man who struts about thinking...

Heavy with Problems

What is a Problem? We can see etymologically that hidden in the word 'problem' is the word 'probe'. A problem is any formal situation into which we can insert a probe. We say formal because unless we can define a problem, show where its outline and zone of influence starts and stops, then we are unable to probe it, unable to analyse it, and we will be unable to solve the problem....


The Magic Wheel is a special kind of Personal Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance through a wide range of arts & disciplines,
all with the aim of attaining Reflexive Self-Consciousness and Spiritual Freedom.