Consulting Locations


West End Consulting Rooms – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

| Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – 10am-5pm

25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AP
| Long 1 hour Readings and Astrology, Meditation, Yoga and Healings Arts


West End Consulting Rooms – Shining Light

| Monday and Friday Afternoons – 12noon to 4pm

141 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EA
| Quick Readings and Budget Readings, Meditation


East End Consulting Rooms – Blue Morpho Centre

| Saturday Afternoon – 2pm to 7pm

36a Broughton St, Edinburgh, UK, EH1 3RJ
Meditation, Psychology and Healing Arts

About the Consultations

All of the Consultations at The Magic Wheel are forms of Meditation;

  • some deeper than others,
  • some assisted,
  • some more guided,
  • some intended to become solo where you practice alone,
  • some physical body centred,
  • some mind centred,
  • some soul and spirit centred.

The value of all Consultations is

  • greater Self-Awareness,
  • greater Self-Knowledge,
  • increased Healing acceleration, and
  • a heightened sense of Well-Being and Whole Being Consciousness.
  • at the highest level is the attainment of Reflexive Self-Consciousness and Self-Realisation.

About The Magic Wheel

The Magic Wheel began in 1992 & aims to assist individual clients seeking life guidance and deeper insight.

We are located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and offer Personal Consultations both in person, by phone and also online via Skype and Zoom.


Since 1985 Malcolm has been practising the Interpretative, Psychological & Healing Arts, quietly applying & helping others with teachings which help the individual towards the spiritual aim of Reflexive Self-Consciousness.

He’s worked in public forums, retail environments, at festivals, shows & events, but mostly from his Personal Consultancy.

He is a long-time Classical Yoga & Meditation practitioner & senior teacher (20,000+ in class studio teaching hours). Malcolm believes that to be helpful to others, to be a good Reader and to assist individuals, it’s valuable & important to have self-experienced a diverse range of life in many fields.

Malcolm has relevant insights and qualifications in Spiritual Psychology, Hermeneutic Studies, Meditational Psychology, Interpretative Metaphysics (Tarot, Astrology, Oracles, I Ching), Advanced Classical Yoga (Teaching & Teacher Training), Applied Yoga Therapy, Applied Art Therapy, & Meditation Therapy. He also has a university Bachelor of Business, and is a Certified Workplace Trainer.

But with all this experience, he still emphasises ‘practical experience’ more than the qualifications, because practical experience is what truly assists clients.


The Magic Wheel is a special kind of Personal Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance in Self-understanding and Self-healing.