About The Magic Wheel

The Magic Wheel began in 1992 & aims to assist individual clients seeking to attain Reflexive Self-Consciousness & Spiritual Freedom. We are located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and offer Personal Consultations & at a future time specialised Events.

The Personal Consultations offered are Readings, Healing Arts, Spiritual Psychology & the Spiritual Disciplines of Meditation & Yoga. 

Events will eventually include Classes, Courses, Workshops and occasional Retreats, to share many edifying Teachings all with the ultimate aim of attaining Reflexive Self-Consciousness.


Today the greatest concern of the Western world is not so much ‘how to get more of this or that’, or more ‘experiences’, but rather ‘what to focus upon in the Mind’ & also Spiritually; how to ‘build relationships’ at the ideational, psychological & spiritual level, rather than to exclusively focus upon the ‘Science’ and five sense information of all we see & do.

Today we tend to fill our minds with so much information, much of it causing disintegration within the mind. Unity is becoming less attainable and the spiritual process of Reflexive Self-Consciousness is almost unknown, yet is the true key to individual and social unity. and a spiritual life.

How are we able to essentialise what we have, and then to integrate the personality around a central Soul aim, a Spiritual aim?

Often we have diverse interests and little unity. Do we have a unified life purpose, a true aim, beyond the need to earn a living, or find a safe & secure place to live, perhaps raise a family, and have a little pleasure in our spare time?

Here at The Magic Wheel we posit the ultimate aim of Reflexive Self-Consciousness and Spiritual Freedom, show its importance, why we should aim at it, and then we show some of the ways to attain it through certain interpretative arts, healing therapies, spiritual disciplines and teachings.

What interferes with achieving a Spiritual aim, a higher life purpose beyond the basics, is the mixed messages & confusion in the Mind. The so-called ‘Western’ world, having developed the capacity to produce such a vast array of life enhancing material commodities, interests & conditions, through industrialisation & mechanisation has now to understand the inner world of the Mind & Soul & Spirit, a province once considered ‘Eastern’. This inner pursuit and purpose is no longer just for those who go to university & become doctors & psychologists. We each are to take up this challenge of inner understanding, “become a little wiser” as we say, learn some practical philosophy, understand one of the great religions better, develop one of the classical arts for our self-expression and self-integration, gain some ultimate Spiritual insight through Reflexive Self-Consciousness, and become able to reflex upon our universal or absolute Source.

East & West

It’s important to know that we each as individuals have an East and a West; it’s not just geography. Our East is our inner world, our Spiritual origin, which rises up to orientate our outer life. Our West is our outer world, its impositions, demands and restrictions, & how we live & move and execute the things which make our body & environment a worthwhile place to establish ourselves & wherein we live and exist. We need both of course, but Western peoples of the world are now becoming more Eastern, just like Eastern peoples are becoming more Western – interesting crossover if you have never thought about it.

Aim – The Magic Wheel

The aim at The Magic Wheel is to help those who would like to begin focusing on the ‘Inner’ – firstly the Mind in order to clarify, logically organise, & unify its content, then to develop greater sensitivity to inner processes, then to develop the ability to initiate inner changes, and ultimately to attain Reflexive self-Consciousness.

Why do we have this aim? Many of our so-called outer world problems; money, health, family, relationships, career etc, originate in the inner world of the Mind, are mental & psychological in origin, not physical. Deeper and wider than the mind is Feeling Sensitivity and the Pure Consciousness within which the mind exists. The attainment of Reflexive Self-Consciousness not only releases consciousness from fixating on limited mental and psychological states, but returns consciousness to its original free and pure state, a place of free choice. Reflexive Self-Consciousness is the ultimate individual attainment, and the aim of The Magic Wheel is to assist those who wish to progress towards attaining this ultimate.

Sometimes we…

  • have a faulty or misguided motive or purpose & go in the wrong direction – a direction not so valuable and less than that which might be ultimately possible for us.
  • have too much happening, too many options, we get scattered or get lost – and fail to achieve our aim if we have one.
  • get fixated on an aim ‘too small’, too limited, and get frustrated, blocked, and don’t even know how or why.

So here at The Magic Wheel we begin with the Mind, its clarity, focus & integration. Once the Mind is organised a little, & our aim is more clear, sort out our basic life a bit, we then move on to greater fields of interest, possibly even to our ultimate Spiritual purpose of Reflexive Self-Consciousness.

More About the Six Aspects to Helping You

The Magic Wheel’s six aspects to a Personal Consultation might be ‘choice implemented’ in the following three stages:-

  1. General Enquiry & Investigation – a Reading to clarify, focus & integrate. Not everyone needs this, but some do, and some ask for a Reading only – just for direction. It’s the best way to begin, and quite interesting if you have never experienced a Reading before.
  2. Spiritual Psychology, Counselling & Coaching, and Healing Arts & Therapies. For those who feel they know what they need and wish to proceed directly with some psychological or healing assistance. Many people don’t want a clinical fix, more a tune-up. This is a perfect way to ‘tune in’ and ‘tune-up’. Its also a balanced & effective way to resolve an old issue & to start from a new level of efficiency.
  3. Meditation & Study. For those who already feel ready, & who wish to cultivate their higher Mind capacities & Reflexive Self-Conscious Freedom. Classical Yoga also fits here – not for mere physical body exercise rather as a full body-mind-psyche-spirit approach to development of Reflexive Self-Consciousness. “From over 20 years of teaching the Classical Yoga approach, it’s an effective ’embodied’ discipline for higher development & spiritual freedom. It opens individuals up to higher awareness in a controlled and very balanced way”.


The most popular General Enquiries & interpretative arts involve Cards & Oracles because they are usually quick to give insights from the subconscious & unconscious. The Intuitive Reading with Tarot, Oracles and basic Astrology is the most popular combination approach. Zodiac Yantra is available on request and is for more specific & comprehensive information and especially useful for close relationship guidance.


Many people enjoy the Healing Arts, not merely to help them over a difficulty, but also for self-investigative purposes. They are a great aid to gaining Reflexive Self-Conscious freedom.

Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Counselling & Coaching are for more comprehensive solutions to problems we can’t directly fix ourselves.

A little help can really make slow & difficult life passages pass more quickly, and with greater clarity & understanding. Why? Because when we see through a problem more quickly; we move on to the next life step able to assimilate the new inputs. Everyone needs help sometimes & acknowledging this fact is a first step.


Once we have some clarity, or have overcome the annoying first resistances, we can start Meditation & Study or even Classical Yoga, and move on to understanding Reflexive Self-Consciousness, our Personality & Spiritual development in a more focused way. We begin to apply the time trusted methods of discovering & cultivating our highest human potentials & talents, and using them to the full. This is where true human happiness begins, the joy of creative endeavour, and self-discovery. True creativity comes first from our Reflexive Self-conscious capacity. We are no longer merely helping ourselves; we are discovering who we really are, creating out of our true inner spiritual centre, & in turn making our world of relationships a happier place. We reconnect with our Spiritual Source reflexively, and begin to create and live with a sense of higher guidance and true Spiritual purpose.


Since 1985 Malcolm has been practising the Interpretative, Psychological & Healing Arts, quietly applying & helping others with certain Teachings, all with the spiritual aim of Reflexive Self-Consciousness. He’s worked in public forums, retail environments, at festivals, shows & events, but mostly he has shared the knowledge from his Personal Consultancy.

He is a long-time Classical Yoga & Meditation practitioner & senior teacher (20,000+ in class studio teaching hours). Since a young age he has delved in and enjoyed the six great arts – painting, drawing, sculpture, literature, music, theatre and dance. He’s been a start-up entrepreneur & been successful in businesses – his own & in assisting others at both the staff and managerial levels. He’s spent over 35 years studying the Great Religions of the world and the mystic philosophers, integrating their teachings and applying the disciplines. This has led to a deep interest in assisting individuals Mentally, Psychologically and Spiritually.

Malcolm believes that to be helpful to others, to be a good Reader, an interpreter, and to assist individuals in the Mind, Psychologically & Spiritually to develop their talents, it’s valuable & important to have self-experienced a diverse range of life in many fields. The more diverse, providing there is integration and understanding, the better the client assistance offered. Malcolm has relevant insights and certain qualifications in Spiritual Psychology, Hermeneutic Studies, Meditational Psychology, Interpretative Metaphysics (Tarot, Astrology, Oracles, I Ching), Advanced Classical Yoga (Teaching & Teacher Training), Applied Yoga Therapy, Applied Art Therapy, & Meditation Therapy. He also has a university Bachelor of Business, is a Certified Workplace Trainer and has a number of other formal study attainments. But he emphasises ‘practical experience’ more than the qualifications because practical experience is what truly assists clients, especially in the attainment of Reflexive Self-Consciousness, the ultimate aim of our time.

The Magic Wheel is a special kind of Personal Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance through a wide range of arts & disciplines,
all with the aim of helping you interpret in the light of your own experience, for yourself.