Consulting Locations


Falkirk - Shining Light

| Monday | Wednesday | Thursday | Saturday | - 10am to 4pm

7-9 Cockburn Street, Falkirk, FK1 1DJ


Edinburgh - Shining Light

| Tuesday and Friday | - 10am to 5pm

141 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EA


About The Magic Wheel

The Magic Wheel began in 1992 & aims to assist individual clients seeking assistance with Self-direction, Self-understanding and Self-healing.

We are located in Falkirk & Edinburgh, United Kingdom and offer Personal Consultations both in person, by phone and also online via Skype and Zoom.


Since 1985 Malcolm has been practising the Interpretative, Psychological & Healing Arts, quietly assisting individuals with Self-direction, Self-understanding and Self-healing. He also shares methods in the spiritual aim of Reflexive Self-Consciousness, or as it is called in the East ‘Samadhic Contemplation’.

He is a long-time Classical Yoga & Meditation practitioner & senior teacher (20,000+ in class studio teaching hours). He’s worked in public forums, retail environments, at festivals, shows & events, but mostly from his studio and personal consultancy. 

Malcolm believes that to be helpful to others, to be a good Reader and Interpreter, it’s valuable & important to have a diverse range of experience in many fields of life-endeavour.

Malcolm has relevant insights and qualifications in Interpretative Metaphysics (Tarot, Astrology, Oracles, I Ching), Advanced Classical Yoga (Teaching & Teacher Training), Applied Yoga Therapy, Applied Art Therapy, Meditation Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, Hermeneutic Studies, & Meditational Psychology. He also has a Bachelor of Business (Mgmt), and is a Certified Workplace Trainer.

But with all this experience, he still emphasises ‘practical experience’ more than the qualifications, because practical experience is what truly assists clients.

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The Magic Wheel is a Spiritual Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance with
Self-direction, Self-understanding and Self-healing.