The Magic Wheel first began in 1992 & has now evolved from a high profile retail store into a Personal Consultancy for the benefit of individual clients.

The Magic Wheel is a Personal Consultancy with the aim of assisting clients to make informed choices about life clarity, focus, integration, & change. Mind, Soul & Spiritual Choices are enabled through Readings, Healing Arts, & Spiritual Disciplines.There are many steps on The Magic Wheel and clients choose the one/s best suited to them.

Today the greatest concern of the Western world is not so much how to get more of ‘this or that’, or more ‘experiences’, but rather what to focus upon in the Mind. We fill our minds with so much information, much of it useless, and the concern for many is to be able to essentialise what we have, and then to integrate the Personality around a central Soul aim or life purpose.

What interferes with achieving our ‘Soul’ aim is the mixed messages & confusion in the Mind. The Western world, having developed the capacity to produce such a vast array of life enhancing material commodities, interests & conditions, through industrialisation & mechanisation, has now to understand the inner world of the Mind & Soul, a province once considered ‘Eastern’. This inner pursuit is no longer just for those who go to university & become doctors & psychologists; we each have to take up this challenge of inner understanding, become a little wiser as we say.

It’s important to know that we each have an East & a West; it’s not just geography. Our East is our inner world, our Spiritual origin, which rises up to orientate our outer life. Our West is our outer world, how we live & move and execute the things which make our body & environment a worthwhile place to exist. We need both of course, but Western peoples of the world are now becoming more Eastern, just like Eastern peoples are becoming more Western. Interesting crossover if you have never thought about it.

The aim of The Magic Wheel is to help those who would like to begin focusing on the inner – & firstly the Mind in order to clarify its content. Then our approach is to select for the Mind a focus, our own unique focus. Then to assist with integration in the Mind around that focus. Many of our so-called outer world problems; money, health, family, relationships, career etc, originate in the inner world of the Mind and are mental & psychological in origin, not physical. We have a faulty or misguided motive or purpose & go in the wrong direction; we get scattered, have too much happening & get lost; or we get fixated on an aim ‘too small’, too limited, and get frustrated. So here at The Magic Wheel we begin with the Mind, its clarity, focus & integration. Once the Mind is organised a bit & our aim is clear, we then move on to greater fields of interest, eventually for those who would like to, our Spiritual origin.

The Magic Wheel offers three main aspects to the Personal Consultancy & client assistance process:-

  1. General Enquiry & Investigation, Readings to clarify, focus & integrate in order to see ahead, to know what is required.
  2. For those who elect to do so, Psychological Assistance, Healing Arts & Therapy.
  3. Meditation & Study for the Mind & Spiritual Development – how to apply disciplines & philosophies which focus & integrate the Mind in a higher way, & work to unfold the potentials(Spiritual gifts & talents) of being.

The most popular General Enquiries & interpretative arts involve Cards & Oracles because they are usually quick to give insights from the subconscious & unconscious, although information may only be brief. Astrology & Yantra take more time, are more in-depth & provide more detailed information.

Many people enjoy The Magic Wheel’s Therapeutic & Healing Arts, not merely to help them over a difficulty, but also for self-investigative purposes. Spiritual Psychology, Counselling & the Healing Arts & Therapies are for more comprehensive solutions to problems we can’t directly fix ourselves. A bit of help can really make slow & difficult life passages pass more quickly – why? Because we see through the problem quicker, and move on to the next step. Everyone needs help sometimes, & acknowledging this fact is a first step.

Once we have some clarity, focus and have overcome the annoying first resistances, we can start Meditation & Study, and move on to our Personality & Spiritual development in a more focused way. We begin to apply the time trusted methods of discovering & cultivating our highest human potentials, and using them to the full.

Malcolm comes from a long line of readers, teachers & mystics. He has been applying, & also teaching, his work now for over 30 years, in public forums & retail environments, at festivals, shows & events, and mostly at his private consultancy practice. He has recently returned to Australia from teaching & sharing his work in U.K. & Europe.

He is also a longtime yoga & meditation practitioner, artist, photographer & designer. He’s been an entrepreneur & been in business(his own & others). He has owned & developed a meditation & study centre & retreat in Victoria, Australia, and plied most of the skilled trades required to live a happy life. He has worked as a consultant in the interpretative & healing arts since 1987, and continues to refine and adapt his work & teachings to the time & people of our current, somewhat unhappy fragmented period. A good Reader, interpreter & mentor benefits greatly from life experience in many fields, and the more diverse & integrated that experience is, the better the client assistance which can be provided.

Your first Private Practice Consultation appointment of up to 1 hour is AU$85.
Variable Rates are charged at Promotional & Public events, Tent stalls & Markets.
Malcolm also sells a range of art pieces, yoga & meditation practice aids, books(new & second hand) & literature related to his work.

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