Spiritual Intuition?

What is "Spiritual Intuition"

Spiritual Intuition & Psychic Awareness?

What is "Spiritual Intuition" and how is it different from "Psychic Awareness"?

"Spiritual Intuition" is not a 'guess'. True Spiritual "Intuition" comes from the deepest Spiritual Source in a person. It is the central crossing place of all that concerns a person here and now, and is the true initiative which directs a person's life.

"Psychic Awareness" is a 'field of feeling' which is generated from the Spiritual Source, It is good for general awareness but is often imprecise. Psychic awareness frequently gets muddled with ancestral guides and personal motivations from long in the past, and because of this tends to skew/twist the current actual situation and circumstances where we are at present. Psychic awareness is frequently inaccurate for assessing 'Time', the moment of change and limited for offering 'dates' in a reading. Psychic is good for picking up moods, and the Field of Play. But it is different and not as accurate or as precise as Spiritual Intuition.

True Spiritual Intuition is Now. It is the Spiritual place in each of us where Choices are made in the present moment and from where our Direction and Spiritual Destiny is guided. Spiritual Intuition is like the rudder on a ship, the steering wheel on a car, the essence from where our true life course is chosen, initiated, and transmuted.

Mhal's Magic Readings are centred in Spiritual Intuition, and from this flows Psychic awareness of the client's situation and relationships.