What is Astrology?
What is the Zodiac?
How do we Interpret?
What can we learn from a Reading?

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The Zodiac is embodied in a system of symbols which enable us to understand the
behaviour of forces within a closed field of forces, and in the case of Astrology, ourselves and the world we live in.

As the earth travels around the sun in its yearly journey it passes through various belts of astral(star) forces. These forces act upon all earth-born beings and determine the chief accents of their characters. As the earth passes from one place to another in the solar system, each astral force exerts its influence on individuals and humanity.

If we examine the Zodiac we will see that it is divided into twelve equal parts, four sets
of three parts each. These four triads may in their psychological aspects be understood to symbolize the four functional divisions of the human organism. For example, the triangle of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo symbolizes the body in its physical aspect and is referred to as an Earth Triad. The other triads being the psychic or feeling, the aspects of the mind & intellect, & the energy triad.

Astrology is ‘astro forces in their logical arrangement’. The astrological forces which act upon an individual or entity at the time of birth or initiation of the organism or organisation are those which are significantly character forming. An Astrological Reading is the interpretation of the arrangement of those forces. Of course we are each more than merely the configuration of those forces acting at birth because those star forces are constantly changing, changing in cycles, over time – the moon goes around the earth, the earth & other planets around the sun, the sun around another centre far off in the direction of the centre of the universe. In addition to the sun & moon, each of the planets in our solar system are also psychologically significant to an individual Astrological Reading.

Certain individuals are what is called ‘skeptical’ of astrological significances and the Astrological Reading, but this skepticism is only based on lack of awareness of a wider field. To deny the influence of these vast star forces would not be dissimilar to how a single cell in the bloodstream of the human body is unaware of the wholeness of the body in which it lives & moves, yet the cell is quite functional and enjoying itself and its own level.

Also, an Astrological Reading is not mere fortune telling of what may be the fixed & final fate of an individual. The proper aim of a Reading is to highlight those forces dominant in influence at the time of the Reading and to show how an individual might approach the balancing of those forces to best enable enjoyment of a happy life. We are to know that we have only this present moment to balance, and as this moment moves forward in time, so our current balance and aspirations move with us.

There is Science to the Astrological Reading, and also Art, the Art of interpretation. It is the Art of interpretation which differentiates the proficiency of one so-called astrologer from another one.

Some of the insights which may be gained from a professional Astrological Reading for an individual may include the following – native or hidden talents and personality; creative initiative and self-expression; an individual’s higher aim and life purpose; a person’s particular value aspirations and money; personal health and sickness; relationships and commitments; friends and enemies; change and uncertainties; home life; career; and so much more.

Some of the insights which may be gained from a professional Astrological Reading for a business or organisational entity may include – the organisation’s image and potential; innovation capacity; ideals; wealth and values; partners and partnerships; finance and earning capacities; risks and aversions; management and organisation; performance and governance; staff, volunteers and employees; and so on.

Some of the forecasting aspects of an Astrological Reading may include Astro–locality – the individual’s appropriate location on Earth best suited to particular pursuits; the best time to undertake activities; the best sequence of events and how to proceed with them; the best form of what to do at a particular time; the correct attitude to adopt with respect to things, events, and relationships, and so on.

Astrology requires your birth details:- date, time & place of birth. If you don’t know the time of birth, you can still come for a reading but the process is slightly different.