Zodiac Yantra Meditation

What is Zodiac Yantra?
What is the Zodiac?
What is Yantra?
How does it work ? singles/couples/family

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The Zodiac is a system of symbols which enable us to understand the behaviour of forces within a closed field. The closed field could be the universe, the solar system or our own being.

What is a Yantra?

A Yantra is any symbol or diagram that will aid our Meditation and Study. The term yantra is a Sanskrit word with its root meaning ‘to restrain’, ‘to compel’. A yantra is a geometrical diagram or symbol designed to differentiate and place psychic and spiritual forces into formal arrangement. The arrangement or pattern produced is then able to be consciously assessed; felt, visualised, dramatised as a play of forces. The purpose of a yantra is for spiritual development in the process of meditation; it enhances meditation allowing it to become embodied and experienced three dimensionally, either in the mind or in the body. We have defined Meditation as a mental process in which we disclose progressively the meaning of a central thought, concept or idea. Spiritual development is dependent upon what kind of vehicle the Spirit is operating through, and in the case of Yantra the vehicle is a geometrical and symbolic device.

Zodiac Yantra

The symbol which is used in Zodiac Yantra is the symbol of a circle with 12 equidistant points on the perimeter. Internally this circle is differentiated by 4 interlacing triangles representing 4 levels of the human being; the physical body, the psychological body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. Within this circle all of the relationships between the forces participating on the perimeter is able to be assessed; felt, visualised, dramatised.

Outcome of Zodiac Yantra

In practice, the Zodiac Yantra works to provide the person/s involved with an opportunity to understand many dynamic relationships, relationships between individuals, ideas, feelings, actions, bodies, and forces of an infinite spectrum.

Here at The Magic Wheel the Zodiac Yantra is a means whereby individuals may understand better their relationships with other people, partners, family, friends & associates. The Zodiac Yantra is also a means to understand the relationships between the individual being and the universal being. These and many more options are all Meditations enabled by the Zodiac Yantra.


An individual, couple or small group starts with an initial appointment to outline their particular meditation & study interests. On the second and subsequent appointments many exercises begin.




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