Some individuals like to take Workshops to go a little deeper into a subject interest or because they do not have the time to do Courses.

Workshops allow people to share a common learning experience with family, friends or associates. Workshops are good for an economic benefit as well, a reduced cost compared to individual tuition. Join to meet like-minded people.

Most importantly, as the word ‘Workshop’ indicates, it is a place to work in a practical way on the Theoretical topic or Method being introduced. An opportunity is offered to apply something of the technique or process with a degree of supervision from an instructor, the possibility to ask questions in situ, and very likely refine and hone the new information ‘in practice’. An informative Workshop may reduce by many hours what would have been for the alone practitioner ‘practice by trial and error‘. Workshops are accelerators of learning in practice.

Meditation Workshops

Healing Arts Workshops