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Beginner’s Tarot Workshop – Falkirk & Edinburgh

Start your journey on How to Understand & Read the Tarot

If you wish to start your understanding of Tarot, and when schooled up, to offer basic Tarot Readings to friends, this is a perfect Workshop to attend.


In this Workshop Malcolm will take you through the basics and get you started on a firm footing. We will use the famous and popular English Tarot deck by A. E. Waite. It’s the easiest place to start as a Beginner and we can then go on to other decks in future workshops.

Upcoming Tarot Course – Next Step

For those attending, Malcolm will offer a private Tarot Course which will follow the Workshop soon afterwards.

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Malcolm has been consulting professionally with Tarot for over 20 years, and has studied the Cards since 1985. He has a wealth of knowledge to share with workshop participants, not only about the Tarot Cards, but in how to read and interpret their meanings.

Tarot Reading

The primary purpose of a Tarot Reading is to quickly and simply enable good choices & above all eliminate genuinely faulty expectations and unrealistic choices which will lead to poor life outcomes.

Shining Light

This Event is offered by Shining Light Centre in Falkirk & Edinburgh.

Buy a new Tarot deck… ?

If you wish to purchase a new Waite Tarot deck of cards, we will offer a special rate for these at the Workshop, so please ask when you have made your booking. 

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To book yourself and/or a friend for the Workshops in either Falkirk or Edinburgh, take the link below and scroll down to the very bottom of the Booking Page. We hope to see you soon.


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Workshops - Next Beginner's Guide on Learning to Read the Tarot

Edinburgh - Friday 2 September 2022 

Falkirk - Wednesday 7 September 2022 

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