Spiritual Psychology Consultation

Spiritual Psychology Consultation


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The purpose of a Spiritual Psychology Consultation is to discuss & bring into association the Psyche with the Spirit, and then to consider how the Psyche may work to govern the Mind & the Body in practice. Much of a Consultation may involve finding & becoming enlightened about the diversions & blockages in the relation.

At the very centre of a being is the Spirit, and where the Spirit meets the Soul is a relation. If this relation is understood and activated, the outer egoic, mental & physical body relations will have a Spiritual foundation. The Spiritual foundation for a life is the most important in the whole view and actualisation of a being. Lose the Spirit & life becomes mechanical and ultimately a wasteland.

For some people, for some time in life, the loss of a Spiritual foundation to conscious living may seem of little or no account. But the relation is significant and either the Soul finds and builds this relation in life, or delays to the very end where death resolves the loss.

Today we are seeing a great divide between individuals who heed the Spirit, and those who do not.

Here we are offering assistance for individuals who are seeking psychological help at the level of Spiritual Psychology.

Universal Psychology

The Universal approach in a Psychological evaluation, and in problem solving, is closely aligned with the values of the individual seeking assistance, the client’s values. We offer two approaches, each with a different aim and different approach. Each approach aims to expand and release the psyche from limited states and difficulties, each successful in their own way.

Western Psychology

This approach is for the Western Psyche, begins with the individual in existence where they are in their life, and aims to create space in a world where the individual stands at the centre of many competing interests and demands. Its aim is to integrate the personality and then uplift this to become a vehicle of higher values and to become geared to operate individually with a more universalised purpose. This approach to psychological recovery is more adopted by individuals with strong and often frustrated life energy, individuals trapped in highly charged energy states like anger and post-traumatic stress, and of course people with an over-heated and highly competitive life demand – often fragmented and scattered in mind and heart. Western Psychology is a process of conscious integration.

Eastern Psychology

The Eastern approach begins with an assessment of key blockages and psychological irritations. This method purposes to dissolve and wash away inhibitions and resistances; the stress emphasis on the ‘individual’, ‘individual difficulties & aspirations’ is removed, and encouragement derives from ‘letting go’ of a perhaps ‘too small’ life aspiration. Sometimes an individual finds themselves trapped in problematic situations simply because they are aiming too low, setting a life direction too limited for true success & joy. It is as if life is calling for a bigger field of influence and interest, all the while the individual is fixated on some small-time-place which will only lead to a boring and low-value life. This approach to psychological recovery is more adopted by individuals with lower life energy, and individuals experiencing negative feeling states like depression, loss, sadness, boredom, and individuals lacking life direction. Eastern Psychology is a process of absolution.




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