Spiritual Counselling

What is Spirit?

Spirit is the first cause of all we see, and feel, and do. Spirit is Will & Consciousness, two aspects of the ultimate Source of being.

What is Counselling?

To counsel someone is to assist them to make a directional choice about their spiritual & psychological direction. Choice implies options. From a variety of options, one direction is chosen. This is the purpose of counselling. An individual divided against them-self is disintegrated, is at cross-purposes with itself, & is self-defeating. If the different aspects of our being are not informed of the others, and are not encouraged to work together, our being is split and in a state of breakdown.

What is Spiritual Counselling?

Spiritual Counselling is a way of assistance whereby the individual Soul is enabled to take up its rightful position between the intelligent Spiritual Source of its being and the material world around. The whole being is assumed to include the Material Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit. To counsel the whole being is to bring into synthetic relation all aspects in a functional way; Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit.

What is the cause of need for Spiritual Counselling?

Because of the high contingent stimulus action impacting the sense organs of an individual today, turning consciousness exclusively into the outer world, it is possible for an individual being to become disassociated with its Spiritual Soul & ultimate Source of being at centre. In this disassociation a person no longer feels the guidance of Spirit, no longer feels truly & genuinely whole, and tends to exclusively identify with the contingent outer sense organ stimulus. In this state, the Spirit is not lost, for Spirit is eternal and always present, only the Spiritual association is lost, the awareness of Spirit’s guiding hand. And with this loss comes the loss of true life purpose in its eternal function. The individual being may function satisfactorily to its basic needs, but always feels slightly inadequate, slightly deficient, slightly aimless, and tending to disintegration and breakdown. Spiritual Counselling aims to re-associate the disparate aspects of being – Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – bringing the being once more into conscious wholeness and full function.




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