Readings are for diagnostic analysis, seeing what is happening, discovering the sub-conscious & unconscious happenings in our current life, and how they are influencing or retarding our progress or development.

For most people, a Reading acts as a catalyst to self-change & self-initiation. It enbles us to see what will happen if we continue in the current direction we are going now. Readings allow a moment of consideration – to see options – if, or how, to take a different course. This is the true power of Readings, and the best readers are able to show this for their client. In life, we are not merely subject to fate. We do have a choice. If we elect choice in favour of fate, a Reading can really help to see what is happening.

If we are suffering in such a way to not be able to take the fist step in a new direction, a Reading may identify whether a counselling or therapeutic approach would help or accelerate the progress in a new direction.

Readings could be with:-

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