Psychology & Mind

Psychology & Mind

Spiritual approaches to re-balance the Soul & Mind. Health is wholeness of being. Healing is the process of returning to wholeness of being.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is a way of assistance whereby the individual Soul is enabled to take up its rightful position between the intelligent Spiritual Source of its being and the material world around. The whole being is assumed to include the Material Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit. The individual being may function satisfactorily to its basic needs, but always feels slightly inadequate, slightly deficient, slightly aimless, and tending to disintegration and breakdown. Spiritual Counselling aims to re-associate the disparate aspects of being – Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – bringing the being once more into conscious wholeness and full function.

Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation

Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation may be applied safely for any healing requirement, physical, mental, psychological, spiritual. From recovery of physical injuries, to mental and psychological concerns such as stress, trauma and post trauma.

Past Life Analysis Appointment

Past life experience in our own life and also over many generations, can be analysed for healing purposes or for investigative interest. A number of appointments, usually weekly, over a period of time is usually required. Consideration of this fact is essential before booking an initial appointment. But in your first appointment a lot is often revealed.

Meditation Therapy

Meditation is a mental process which aims at clarity & efficiency of mind. Meditation Therapy begins with a diagnosis of a particular mind limitation and then proceeds to applying a specific meditation form & discipline for the recovery process. Meditation Therapy is a spiritual approach to safely heal many modern concerns; depression, anxiety, stress, attention deficit disorders, confusion, trauma and post trauma, eating disorders, injury, and many more.

Appointments In-Person and Online

Most appountments are available both In-Person and Online. If unsure, please ask.


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