Psychic Intuitive Tarot Readings

Psychic Intuitive Tarot Readings


What is a Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reading?

A Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reading aims to interpret what is happening with you in the Present moment, what the Past has prepared for you, and importantly what is the likely outcome moving into the Future.

The Reading interprets the physical, psychological (psychic) and mental (formative) forces which comprise life as we live it, and points to the Spiritual potential for change and a new direction. 

What is the purpose of having a Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reading?

For most people, a Reading acts as a catalyst to self-change & self-initiation. It enables us to see what will happen if we continue in the current direction we are going now. Readings allow a moment of consideration – to see options – if, or how, to take a different course or to continue on as we are. In life, we are not merely subject to fate. We do have a choice.


The primary purpose of a the Tarot Cards is to quickly and simply identify the archetypes which point to the forces which are directing your life.

A good Reading with Tarot Cards helps to enable good choices & above all eliminate genuinely faulty expectations and unrealistic choices which will lead to poor life outcomes.

What do I get to know about..?

You can ask the age old questions in the life domains of personal and social relationships, money & finances, work & career, travel, life purpose & direction, creative interests, health, family, feelings and emotions, talent development, and anything else you wish to know about. The Psychic Tarot Readings are very informative and greatly assist in life choices and direction, especially in Relationships.

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