Past Life Analysis

What is Past Life Analysis?
What are we referring to when we indicate “Past Life”?
How does Past Life Analysis work ?

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Past Life Analysis

It is a fact, not a theory, that all multiplication of biological elements is by division. The cell divides in order to multiply. This same thing that you can observe under a microscope in a mono-celled animal occurs in the multiplication of human beings; only, the mode of doing it is rather less obvious. This also means that none of us actually start life with the blank slate, the tabula rasa, that some thinkers assume.


Next we come to a very peculiar fact; the whole human protoplasm has the basic quality of irritability. Irritability means that when a stimulus comes, the substance of the being moves in response to the stimulus. The stimulus energy goes in and modifies the protoplasm receiving it, and that protoplasm reacts back onto the stimulus source. There is action from the stimulus and a reaction from the protoplasm, and this we call the irritability of the protoplasm.


Apart from a single cell having irritability, it also retains a trace of the original stimulus and its own reaction. This means that once a stimulus has been put in, as a certain amount of energy which initiates a movement in the protoplasm, that movement continues in that protoplasm throughout the whole period of the existence of it. This is the ground of our memory. It is also the ground of the engram patterns which constitute various mental disorders later.

Because this protoplasm has this power to retain the patterns of all motions that it’s ever experienced, the result is that every new stimulus comes into an existing pattern.

There never has been a time when a cell existed with no pattern in it. At the centre of every cell there is a nuclear intelligence which is already characterised. Furthermore the surrounding substance around the nucleus, itself responds, has this irritability capacity to the stimulus, and retains the motion characteristic of the stimulus. If we now divide the cell like an egg divides itself, by splitting its nucleus, the two eggs are the identical protoplasm of the original. They also have traces of the experience they had before the division. This is the ground of what we call Ancestral Experience, or in the case here Past Life Experience.

So if we start from any modern man, pushing back through his parents, we are pushing back all the time into this original protoplasm. And the important thing to realise is that the protoplasm of our body, the one we have now, is not new. If we are twenty-one, it is not just twenty-one years old. It’s exactly as old as the human race. There is no human protoplasm that is not as old as the human race. Consequently nobody comes into this world unconditioned. You are a portion of the protoplasm of your mother and father, and so on backwards.

Past Life Analysis

Following these ideas, we are now to see that Consciousness in the act of focusing on a vehicle (like the physical body of a human being), in order to function through it, stresses itself as if it were cut off. In fact there is a continuous line of protoplasm from you, through your mother and father, through all your ancestors. At no point has this protoplasm actually got a break. There isn’t your mother and father, and then a break, and then you. You are a bit of the protoplasm of your mother and father fused together. So that the life in your mother and father exists in you. But through your focus on you now, you can’t see why it should bother you whatever happens in the future or the past.

Individual Focus

The purpose of focusing down onto you, is in order to individuate and gain a reflexive centre. Within the transitional phase, from the Absolute down to the individual, you go into a state where you can’t see any connection between yourself and the rest of life preceding you.

Past Life Analysis Appointment

This ‘past life experience’, in our own life and also over many generations, can be analysed for therapeutic purposes. The first appointment begins very slowly. A number of appointments, usually weekly, over some months is required. Consideration of this fact is essential before booking an initial appointment.




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