Pain Therapy

What is Pain Therapy?
What is Pain?
What is the cause of Pain?

Pain Therapy


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What is Pain?

Pain is emotional charge on a consciousness content.

Where the pain is historic, experienced as residing in the past, pain is the resultant of a refusal or inability to assimilate the causal stimulus. This historic, yet to be assimilated stimulus, now resides in Memory as an emotionally charged experience, and is called Pain.

How does Pain occur?

‘If we are undergoing any experience at all, we are receiving into our organism an energy input.  Energy comes to us from everything that we encounter. We call this energy-input a ‘stimulus’, because it tends to make us ‘react’ in some way to it

We can class stimuli or energy inputs according to the amount of energy they contain.

  • If their energy is very small, we might not notice that we have received it.
  • If their energy is not quite so small we might notice the input but find it easy to assimilate, perhaps even pleasurable.
  • If the energy-input is a little heavier, we might find that we have to work a little in order to be able to accept and assimilate it.
  • If the energy-input is very large we find ourselves unable to assimilate it at all. It might actually damage our flesh, destroy some of our cells, and in extreme cases might even kill us.

When we find that a stimulus is more than we can comfortably bear, we tend to try to ‘stop’ its entrance into us. We try to refuse it, and this refusal is what we call pain.

Record of Pain

In the refusal of a painful stimulus input, unfortunately, by the time we have decided that a stimulus is too painful for us to accept, we have made a record of it in ourselves. Even if we manage to escape the painful stimulus very quickly, we still have in us the record of that pain, and we do not like it and what we do not like we tend to avoid or push out of consciousness.

More about Pain

The purpose of Pain Therapy is to release the emotional charge on a consciousness content. The emotional charge is associated with Memory Records of past pains or damaging stimuli to the physical body.

Let us see the series of events which lead up to Pain.

  1. Everything in the experience of PLEASURE and PAIN depends upon the identification of consciousness with a body.
  2. Bodies are limited zones of cyclic motion.
  3. As limited, circumscribed zones their energy absorption capacity is also limited.
  4. Stimuli entering bodies are constituted of quantities of motion.
  5. Motion considered as operating or working within a closed system is called ENERGY.
  6. Finite bodies can assimilate only finite amounts of energy presented at a certain rate and intensity, and in a certain pattern.
  7. Bodies are motion systems characterised in specific ways.
  8. If stimuli of the right type are presented at the right rate, that is, put in over a certain length of time, a body may assimilate their motion.
  9. If the incoming stimuli is in any way wrongly presented, either in formal type, rate or intensity, the body may fail to assimilate it.
  10. Such failure implies the disturbance of the body’s equilibrium or its possible destruction.
  11. At times of the disturbance or destruction of a body, consciousness identified with it SUFFERS AS IF IT WERE ITSELF DISTURBED OR DESTROYED.

Pain Recovery

How are we to recover from the disturbing or destructive effects of excessive stimulus on the body, effects which also reside in Memory?
By breaking identification.

What is identification?

Identification is simply EMOTIONAL CHARGE on a consciousness content. In the case of Pain Memory, if we view a body-disturbing or body-destructive Memory with no emotional charge whatever, if we remove from ourselves all feeling-orientation in relation to this Memory, we are not identified with it.

What happens if we remove the emotional charge on a painful Memory?
The experience of the Memory becomes for us just a shape, a form with no value.

Pain Therapy aims to release consciousness from identification with the Memory of a stimulus on the body, which allows consciousness to return to itself. The Memory ‘form’ remains, but the ’emotional charge’, the energy component and resulting orientation in relation to the pain is released. Consciousness is free, and pain is gone.

Pain Therapy does NOT aim to suppress, anaesthetise, hide away, or make Memory pain more unconscious.

The aim of Pain Therapy is to progressively reduce, relieve & eventually eliminate Pain, painfully charged experiences, resident in Memory.

What do we feel when the Pain is gone?

When the emotional charge has been released from the memory, more energy is felt, more open sensitivity, and greater clarity of mind is experienced. These are the main resultants, but there are others.




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