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What is an Oracle?

Let us begin by defining what we mean here at The Magic Wheel by the term ‘Oracle’.

The term ‘Oracle’ comes from the Latin oraculum, a type of orare, meaning ‘to speak’, or ‘say’, as we see in the word ‘oration’. The idea in the West dates back to Greek and Roman antiquity, but has been a function of cultures all over the world as far back as written records convey – at least 6000 years, and very likely far beyond the first beginnings of written records. For example, the Old Testament prophets as gifted individuals were inspired to ‘speak fourth’ what they heard intuitively, and these operations were written down as the product of the meditations. A gifted individual in a particular community would be a reference for guidance prior to the prophets, and so on back into prehistory. Always, a wise individual would be sought out as helper in decision-making with reference not only to the community but also about the relational interactions of its citizens and subjects.

An Oracle refers to any type of instrument, an agency, or means by which a god or higher intelligence is understood to speak or indicate an initiative will. For example an ancient Greek priest or priestess, inspired(breathed into) by a deity/god would respond to enquiries about the future, or the best way to pursue or go about a particular undertaking. The Oracle may also be to identify more general Universal forces, rather than a personal force like a deity or god.

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Oracle ‘Means’ or Method to improve Clarity

The Oracle priest, priestess, or gifted individual may also use some kind of ‘medium’, such as bones, stones, sticks, or even natural apparitions such as the way clouds or smoke would form, to improve the clarity of direct information. Coffee grounds and tea leaves are still used by some gifted individuals. Over time the types of ‘medium’ became more concrete and more definitive, up to the present time where marked stones, or sticks, cards or dice, & coins have a precise and somewhat fixed meaning.

The Magic Wheel Oracles

Here at The Magic Wheel we do not have a priest or priestess as an oracle. We use a range of media like coins, dice, fortune sticks, stones, & cards. The type of Oracle used varies and depends on what the client prefers also. The type also depends upon where we are working – for instance in a public forum such as a market or festival the oracles we use employ clearly defined mediums and give quick and general information. At private appointments more precise information can be gleaned, because of more definitive questions about clients’ particular aims and purposes, and by using more intricate & precise oracles.

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Client & Oracle

When enquiring of an Oracle, the enquiry is made on behalf of the querant. The querant, or in this case you the client, formulates a question very carefully, and then in exact response to the question, an answer comes in some form.

Oracle Interpretation

The way that an Oracle is interpreted is subject to the structure of the Oracle, and also, where a person is involved, the particular depth of knowledge resident. Mostly here at The Magic Wheel coins, dice, and cards have a fixed and precise meaning. The querant throws the coins or dice, or selects the cards, and subject to the question about which the person requires information, an answer is provided on the day.

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Precise Oracle Questions give Precise Answers

It is important to be precise with questions, ensuring that questions do not have vagueness or the potential outcome of a double or mixed meaning. Where you are enquiring of an Oracle, be precise with your question, ask simple questions, and lots of them, rather than one large general question which will give a large amount of generally mixed information rather than particular information.

Self-interpretation & the Oracle

It is also important to remember that the best interpretation comes from ‘self–interpretation’ – if the Oracle gives some kind of general information to your particular specific question, you yourself will have a better insight into the information given, in contrast to the Oracle which is speaking. Use your own judgement and do not be blind to whatever is presented. Try to interpret the information in the light of your own experience. How you act in response to the information gleaned is your responsibility, and where the information is misinterpreted, or badly applied, the Oracle is not to be blamed. Use intelligence and you will be rewarded intelligently.

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