Chinese Oracle Readings

Chinese Oracle Readings

Here at The Magic Wheel we mainly offer cards & coins, and especially Chinese Oracle Readings.

When consulting an Oracle it is important to be precise with your questions, ensuring that questions do not have vagueness or the potential outcome of a double or mixed meaning. Being precise with your question, you will receive accurate and profound results.

If you are taking a Chinese Oracle Reading, write down your questions, at least 3 questions (more if you wish), and bring them to the Reading, in-person or online. Chinese Oracles give precision in their answers and allow the client to interpret more to the answer over time.

What do I get to know about..?

You can ask the age old questions in the life domains of personal and social relationships, money & finances, work & career, travel, life purpose & direction, creative interests, health, family, feelings and emotions, talent development, and anything else you wish to know about. The Psychic Tarot Readings are very informative and greatly assist in life choices and direction, especially in Relationships.

The Magic Wheel is a Spiritual Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance with
Self-direction, Self-understanding and Self-healing.