Metaphysical Readings

Metaphysical Readings

What is Metaphysics?

In modern parlance, simply we may say metaphysics is the physics of energy or the energy of physicality. It is that which stands behind, stands under (understands) all that we see and feel and do, and in a certain way that which may be defined as Spirit. Spirit is consciousness and will. Today we know, since the splitting of the atom, that all is energy. Metaphysics is not some spooky misunderstood misnomer. It is the discipline at the very basis of all we know and feel and do.

What is a Metaphysical Reading?

A Metaphysical Reading aims to interpret the motion pattern of energy which understands, stands under, what happens at the physical level. The Reading interprets the psychological (psychic) and mental (formative) forces which comprise our life as we live it. Our psychological and mental life comprise subtle energies felt and forming in a certain way. This is what a Metaphysical Reading aims to explicate.

What happens in a Metaphysical Reading?

Metaphysical Readings use the Tarot Cards, Oracles (cards, coins, dice, sticks, etc) and Astrology for diagnostic analysis, seeing what is happening, discovering the sub-conscious & unconscious happenings in our current life, and how they are influencing or retarding our progress or development.

What is the purpose of having a Metaphysical Reading?

For most people, a Metaphysical Reading acts as a catalyst to self-change & self-initiation. It enables us to see what will happen if we continue in the current direction we are going now. Readings allow a moment of consideration – to see options – if, or how, to take a different course. This is the true power of Readings, and the best readers are able to show this for their client. In life, we are not merely subject to fate. We do have a choice. If we elect choice in favour of fate, a Reading can really help to see what is happening.

If we are suffering in such a way to not be able to take the fist step in a new direction, a Metaphysical Reading may identify whether a counselling or therapeutic approach would help or accelerate the progress in a new direction.

Readings could be with:-

To help to understand the metaphysics, the underlying energy forces which determine you life, receive a Metaphysical Reading at The Magic Wheel. If you have never had a Reading before, start with the Intuitive Reading which includes something of all three methods on offer. If you only wish to have one method and would like a gentle introduction, choose a Tarot Card Reading. Make your booking today, and start to understand the next step of your life.




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