Meditation Styles

Why Meditation ?

The human being has a number of levels of awareness – body, feelings, desires, lower mind, ego, higher mind, will, overseer, etc. Meditation deals with the ‘mind’ proper. The mind is a controller of many other levels of being, but not all. Meditation is a method of understanding your mind, how it works, how it perceives, stores and organises its contents, and much more. If we understand our mind, many life problems may be transcended, and many new opportunities may be taken advantage of. Our world is full of chaos, both known and unknown (unconscious). An individual Meditation practice is essential in today’s world, for every developing person.

Meditation Styles

The main and most popular Styles of Meditation currently offered at The Magic Wheel are Eastern Mind, Western Mind, Mindfulness & Samadhic Contemplation. Many other specialised Styles are available. Further, a number of Integrated approaches become available when your experience has developed.

Meditation – East & West

Eastern & Western styles of Meditation are different. This appointment aims to assess your ability with each, and then to practice what you are best at. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to discover meaning in our mind and to balance the mind’s content in the most efficient way. We then move on to Contemplation(a stage beyond meditation), which is objectless and silent.

Mindfulness Meditation

Although Mindfulness, as popularly taught today, is not a Meditation style in itself, it is a useful discipline in ‘concentration’, and we offer it for those who would like to experience its benefits. It is also valuable for any beginner meditation practitioner to start with.

Samadhic Contemplation

This style of Meditation is for those who are ready to step beyond the mind and into the very essence of Contemplative awareness. It aims at what is called Reflexive Self-consciousness, a state of transcendent awareness which is the culmination of all meditation procedures; pure bliss. It’s for those who have the energy & mental integration to apply the simple rule which is at its basis. It is advanced and not suitable for a beginner meditator when first starting out, but can be successfully introduced as experience develops.

Other Styles

There are many Meditation Styles. Ask us if you are not sure what to take up. If you would just like to start now, book an appointment and Malgolm will advise you on the day.

Meditation – In-Person, over Phone, or Online

Currently all Meditation appointments are offered in-person, over the phone, and online (Skype or Zoom). When booking, please decide what you prefer.


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