Meditation – East & West

Meditation – East & West

Meditation is a mental process whereby we progressively disclose the meaning of a central thought. It requires that we set the limits to the application of the words we are using. The purpose of meditation is discover a meaningful pattern in our mind. We then move on to Contemplation, which is objectless and silent.

Meditation is not mere suppression of thoughts or distractions for the mind, much of which is falsely called meditation in a wide variety of commercial activities & offerings today.

Some individuals have a Western psyche and are best suited to Western Meditation which is based on careful logic and initiative will. Others are Eastern and respond better to the Eastern methods.

Many types and aspects of Meditation are offered.

  • Tuition – general
  • Meditation for problem-solving
  • Classes
  • Workplace Meditation
  • Zodiac Yantra
  • Workshops
  • Courses