What is the 'MAGIC' in The Magic Wheel ?

Magic in The Magic Wheel

People in general tend to associate the word Magic with either, legerdemain, sleight-of-hand trickery and stagecraft entertainment, or with secret societies and initiatory organisations with closed memberships.

The use of the term ‘Magic‘ in The Magic Wheel refers to neither of the above common usages. The term ‘magic’ as we refer to it here is interpreted as that capacity in an individual, God-given, which initiates change. We are not referring to mechanical action and reaction to stimuli from outside. We are referring to that centre within every individual which chooses, starts, stops, accelerates, decelerates, changes direction, creates, dissolves, and is free to do so, without any external stimulus, prompting or environmental conditioning.

The classical definition of Magic is ‘the initiation of change in conformity with the will’. Magic as we apply it here at The Magic Wheel means simply that conscious initiative by which each individual is able to freely change within themselves. This ability in truth is God-given, and derives not from any external contingent source or environmental stimulus.

The above definition of Magic implies also that consciousness and will are two aspects of an ultimate source and are inseparable, and that consciousness ‘is’ a catalyst. At the moment we are consciously aware of a situation, a thing, an event or a relation, change occurs. This has the deepest implications for our lives in the realms of education, health and well-being, and is the background to all of The Magic Wheel’s teachings and disciplines.

The word ‘Wheel’ in The Magic Wheel is of course any rotational energy or structure. Where the term wheel refers to ‘rotational energy’, it indicates forces in opposition. Where the term wheel refers to ‘structure’, it indicates a central hub surrounded equidistant by a line or rim, and connecting hub and rim are a number radiating spokes. At the centre of The Magic Wheel is the hub process of ‘Reflexive Self-Consciousness’, that from which all initiations derive, and that to which all initiations reflexively return. At the rim of the wheel are the various disciplines and principles which refer the central initiations back to their source in the hub.

The purpose of The Magic Wheel consultancy and website is to share with individuals the means by which we may take responsibility for the dignity of being human, to take up our rightful position between the intelligent source power of our being and the material world around us. It is only through this reflexively self-conscious process deriving from the hub the individual becomes truly human, able freely to initiate change in the inertia of pre-existing life conditions. Reflexive Self-Consciousness is the key to individual freedom, and it is this process which is central to the work offered and shared at The Magic Wheel.

What is Reflexive Self-Consciousness? Reflexive Self-Consciousness is not a new process. However it is an ability which each individual is required to develop. A clear rationale of Reflexive Self-Consciousness was written by Eugene Halliday in the 20th century, an outline of which is found on this website. For those who are able to understand and apply the formula, no introduction is needed or required. For those who would like to know more, and apply the formula in the many disciplines which are offered here, you are invited to take a consultation.

The Magic Wheel is a Spiritual Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance with
Self-direction, Self-understanding and Self-healing.