Healing Arts Workshops 2020

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Healing Arts Workshops – Oxford U.K.

The so-called ‘Healing’ process is a process of ‘making whole’ that which has been partialised, fragmented, ignored. A patient is a ‘passive’ person to their own function. The healing process is to reinitiate, remake active, that which has been lost or ignored; lost only in the sense of ‘lost to consciousness’, and ignored only in the sense of ‘wilfully disregarded’. We are less than whole when we ‘accept less’ or are ‘let down’ by false reliance upon others, whether they be individuals, authorities or organisations. The healing process aims to re-activate the wholeness which is our origin and Source. In the Healing we relieve ourselves of inertia, passivity and ignorance, we re-enliven, we wake up from nescience.

Healing Arts Workshops aim to demonstrate how the patient may become the agent of their own healing process. The patient, ‘passive person’, is passive to the influences that appear as ‘conditions’, conditioning or limiting factors upon a healthy, whole being function. In some sense everyone is a patient to their ‘top level performance’, a performance often hidden from conscious awareness. These Healing Arts Workshops apply different techniques which assist the patient to move from a merely passive state, to becoming ‘active’ in their own evolution.

Each Workshop introduces new and often unique practices enabling the participant special insights into disciplines, and applications, which have been and often remain highly important for accelerated Healing and holistic development. It’s a Workshop; be prepared to be tested and surprised with the new material presented, and to try it out for yourself.

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