Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Psychotherapeutic approaches to re-balance the Soul & Mind.

Health is wholeness of being. Healing is the process of returning to wholeness of being.


Therapy is to assist someone who is unable to help themselves to see a solution or initiate a change. Sometimes the assistance requires diagnostic analysis. Then the person is offered a way or some ways by which they may be assisted in the difficulty.

The following are some of the Healing Arts, psychotherapeutic approaches to re-balance the Mind & Soul, offered at The Magic Wheel. Each is unique, each is specific to its domain, and each is valuable as therapy for individual healing.

Initial Consultation is $100, and thereafter $75 per session. No HICAPS.


The Magic Wheel is a Spiritual Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance with
Self-direction, Self-understanding and Self-healing.