A form of ‘concentration’ where awareness is ‘present’ in time.

It is one of many preparatory stages in Meditation procedure.

Mindfulness does not integrate the Mind, rather is merely awareness of the Mind’s many forms, forces & functions in the present moment. Mindfulness is NOT Meditation, rather just the ability to maintain present awareness in the present moment.

Mindfulness does not permit value judgements, beliefs, memories, expectations, emotional states, impulses to action, desires, egoic self-interest, or any integrational or choice processes.

Mindfulness basic prep for Meditation

Mindfulness is one of the most basic of all preparations for Meditation proper. Other preparations to Meditation include, selecting a Meditation environment, body postural alignment, breathing exercises & techniques, withdrawal of awareness from sense organ input to the Mind, and many stabilising procedures. Again ‘preparations’ are NOT Meditation.

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Mindfulness has become the poster-child of much psycho-therapeutic scientific study & research over the recent 40 years, and arose from a secular adoption of preparatory Buddhist meditation practices in America.

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