That which contains and arranges ideas. An idea is a form in consciousness. A series of related ideas is a pattern in consciousness. An idea has a form, a characteristic binding line that defines it. Mind refers to the space in which ideas are presented singly, or in groups, simultaneously or serially. The word “mind” refers to that which has no form of its own, but in which the forms called “ideas” appear and relate themselves. “Space” here, is distinguished from the space which we say exists between earthy material bodies. In the mind we shall call it “mental space” or “mind space”. The mind with no ideas in it is ‘no mind’. If the content of consciousness is eliminated then there is no mind. Only where consciousness is presented with some content can we say that mind exists.
The word “mind” comes from a root word meaning to count, or to evaluate. When there is a process of counting or evaluation in consciousness then it is permissible to use the word “mind” to indicate the zone where this process is taking place. Where there is no such process occurring it is incorrect to refer to it as “mind”. The word ‘meditation’ also comes from the same root word as mind.