“Is it not written,” says Jesus, “Ye are gods?” And “Be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.” A god is simply a being, able from within itself, from its own free will, to determine its own actions towards its good. How are we to become such? The God of gods is the Absolute infinite Sentient power which determines its own action towards its own good absolutely.

First we must accept that a being able freely to determine its actions from within itself, is a being not determined by inclinations arising from emotionallycharged experience records whatever. A free act is an act springing immediately from consciousness not object-identified. To incline is to be bound to act in a predetermined way, a preconditioned way, and this is slavery.

Either one is a slave or not. Either one is able to give orders to oneself or not. Not to be able to give orders to oneself and to obey them, is to be at the mercy of others. Happy and fortunate is he, who, being able to give himself orders and to obey them, is given the orders of truth and shown how to obey them, by One who is merciful. As was Jesus and Buddha and Mahavira the Jina and Lao Tse and Zarathustra and Socrates, and others who have shown the way back to the origin of all beings.