The term Centre is derived from a Latin root centrum, and from the Greek kentron, ‘point, prickle, spike, an ox-goad. The ‘ox-goad’ idea is used in the sense of an ‘incentive to action’. The root kenteo, ‘prick, goad, wound’ is cognate with cethr, ‘nail’; and appears in the Old High German hantag, ‘sharp’.

In the practical sense we say that the centre is the point round which a circle is described – the middle point.

Specifically in geometry & in turn Meditation, Centre is a point equidistant from the extremities of a line, plane figure, or solid body; or from any part of circumference of a circle.

Centring is an essential aspect to all Meditation. To be able to centre in form, time, space, sequence and in emotional tone is the means to ultimate association in every aspect of life.

An inability to centre is one of the primary causes of an inability to Meditate, and it may be said the cause to failure in many aspects of life as well. An individual without a centre is not an individual. An individual without the ability to centre psychologically is “all at sea” in a wash of 5 sense stimuli and reactionary processes.