A unity of diverse elements. The articulation of existential elements in such a manner as to restore to them their relations with each other and with the substratum continuum.


The Universe is a Continuum of energy, the behaviour patterns of which bring into existence, maintain for a time, and then dissolve again the multitude of forms we see around us.

The fact of the energy continuum, the impossibility of the absolute isolation of any being, event or relation from any other, forces upon us the necessity of viewing the whole of universal phenomena in terms of this continuum. That is to say, we are required by universal fact to view life in terms of the solidarity of all being. By “solidarity” naturally we do not mean that we must view reality in terms of a solid, static block of material substance, but that we must see all beings, events and relations as presupposing and permeating each other.

All isolationist or segregationalist propaganda in any field whatever is therefore unreal and doomed to ultimate failure.

The artist, using the word in its widest sense, and thus including musicians, painters, sculptors, writers and poets, etc., is thoroughly conscious of the interrelatedness and interpenetrating significance of all forms of being. The musician-composer knows absolutely certainly that one note alone without overtones or partials is meaningless, that two notes generate between them a zone of meaning, an interplay of actual vibrations, the production of resultant tones which bring into being significations previously non-existent.

As with musical tones, so with the colours and tone-values and forms of the painter, the three-dimensional formal interplay of the sculptor, the verbal stimulus of the writer, the sonic structures of vowel and consonant of the poet, etc.

So also with the interplay of individual forms of character in the relationships which play themselves out in all other arts and in the living pattern of human society.

The more articulated the mind the more the relation of its elements. But articulation must have a truly functionally harmonising value.

The intelligent person articulates the contents of his mind in relation with the goals he purposes to fulfil.

The artist is essentially an articulator of forms. The way in which he articulates these forms may reflect the existing relations of forms in the world, or the past or future relations of them, or any other possible mode of relation in which they may be placed.

Just about any articulation of forms, forces and functions may be considered as Art, even life itself.