Engram Therapy

What is Engram Therapy?
What is an Engram?
How does Engram Therapy work ?

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Engram Therapy

Engram Therapy has the aim to release consciousness from fixated identification upon life experience or experiences called engrams.

Sometimes in life we experience a situation which has one or more Consciousness Modifiers in it, which when amplified causes isolation or pain. With isolation or pain, the native freedom of consciousness is reduced or blocked, making consciousness on-guard or fearing similar life experiences.

Caged-in States

The purpose of Engram Therapy is to release consciousness from caged-in limited states felt as isolation & pain. The person then regains lost energy, thinks more clearly, lives more fully.

Some engramic isolation & pain states include

  • phobias
  • confidence problems
  • accident trauma
  • post-traumatic stress disorders
  • strong aversions
  • compulsive desires
  • petty or real fears
  • negative influence
  • emotional bias
  • inhibitions & suppressions of many kinds
  • impedances to action
  • disturbance of feeling
  • interference in thought process
  • memory loss
  • many subconscious & unconscious pains
  • and many more

Each of these may characterise, or be involved in, an engram.

What is an Engram?

An Engram is a record in the organism of an experience too highly energised for complete, conscious, rational assimilation. The excess energy by-passes the rational centre and is encapsulated in a sub-rational part of the mind. In the sub-rational centre the engram exists as an energy system recording all the contents of the causative experience, the material objects in the situation, the activities, words and emotions of persons. – EH

Engram Therapy aims to release consciousness from its engram limitation, its caged-in state, and with this release the client or patient regains a sense of psychological and spiritual freedom, more vitality, more compassion, more focus & clarity of mind.

How does Engram Therapy work?

The Engram Therapy procedure is by way of verbal dialogue between the therapist and the client/patient. The dialogue is undertaken in clear waking consciousness; there is no hypnosis or sleep state involved, there are no mechanical instruments or aids required, only conscious discussion while sitting or reclining in a chair.




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