Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation

What is Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation ?
How does it work ?

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Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation

Sentient Power is the origin of all Healing, a power potential or actual, which feels itself. Sentient Power may be considered Divine in origin.
Healing is Wholeness of Being.
Meditation is a mental process which aims at clarity & efficiency of mind.

A Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation begins with a diagnosis of a particular body / mind limitation or illness, followed by applying a specific guided meditation which works for the recovery process. Some people experience this as a form of Divine Energy Healing, and it may or may not involve any contingent contact between the therapist and the patient.


Diagnosis is through the client/patient sharing verbally or literally what their symptomatic concern or limitation is – physical, mental, psychological, spiritual. This may be followed by a number of further questions to the client/patient until a general outline of the problem’s effects are ascertained and made conscious as a directive for the healing process. Not every detail is required, just a general outline, and this is sufficient to begin. 


The client/patient reclines or lies down on a couch or healing table in a relaxed position, and the therapist begins the process. The healing schedule may apply over several weeks or even months until the result is attained, and the patient has regained the sense of their agency in the cause and also the cure of the particular mind / body limitation or illness. 

What is Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation for?

Deep Sentient Power Healing Meditation may be applied safely for any healing requirement, physical, mental, psychological, spiritual. From recovery of physical injuries, to mental and psychological concerns such as stress, trauma and post trauma. Ask the therapist beforehand if you are in doubt as to its relevant application.




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