Meditation Courses – Edinburgh, U.K. from May 2021

Some individuals like to take Courses to go more deeply into the subject they are interested, and over an extended period of time. Courses are also good for association between individuals, and for the economic benefit of reduced cost compared to individual tuition.

Beginners Meditation Courses

The Beginners Meditation Courses offer Theory, Method and Practice in a variety of techniques, teachings, teachers and traditions, which are suited to the beginner practitioner. The Courses aim to give the participant a practical understanding and take-away practice. From the Beginners Course the individual may choose to deepen and diversify their understanding in other Courses offered.

Wednesday Evening Meditation & Study Courses

The Wednesday Evening Meditation & Study Courses focus more deeply on a technique, a teacher, a teaching or a tradition. These Meditation Courses are also suitable for all levels of interest & experience.

The Magic Wheel is a special kind of Personal Consultancy,
a place where you can seek assistance through a wide range of arts & disciplines,
all with the aim of attaining Reflexive Self-Consciousness and Spiritual Freedom.