Personal Consultations

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Personal Consultations aim to assist clients in making informed choices about life clarity, focus, integration, & change.

Mind, Soul & Spiritual Choices are helped with Readings, many Healing Arts, Spiritual Psychology & the Spiritual Disciplines of Meditation, Yoga, and Higher Mind Studies.

Six Aspects to Helping You with Personal Consultations

The Magic Wheel offers six main aspects to the Personal Consultancy & client assistance process:-


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Metaphysical Readings


Life Direction
General Enquiry & Investigation.

Metaphysical Readings aim to clarify, focus & integrate in order to see likely outcomes ahead, to know what is happening, or what may be required to change.

Simple clarity for many people is all that is required.

Metaphysical Readings are to show the present orientation of one’s will, and by implication the probable results of this orientation if we do not change it.

Meditation – East & West

Styles East & West
Higher Mind

Some individuals seek out an approach through Meditation & Study, to cultivate their higher Mind capacities, the Logos Mind & Spiritual Development. They aim to apply disciplines & philosophies which focus & integrate the Mind in a more universal way, & work to unfold their potentials, their Spiritual gifts & talents of being.

Classical Yoga

Body, Mind, Feeling

In the Western hemisphere of the world, nowadays, Yoga has mostly become merely a physical culture. There is nothing wrong with physical culture but Classical Yoga shows the way for individuals to break identification with the physical body, emotional states, desires, lower mind, & ego structure. Classical Yoga opens the way into the Higher Mind, initiative Will and Pure Consciousness, which are the causal aspects of our being. When we operate from our highest potential our life is always intelligently joyful. Classical Yoga shows the way to this life-mode.

Spiritual Psychology

Bigger Picture

Some individuals elect to seek help through Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Counselling or Spiritual Coaching.

At the very centre of our being is the Intelligent Spirit, and where Intelligent Spirit meets the Soul is a relation. If this relation is understood and activated, the outer egoic, mental & physical body relations have an Intelligent Spiritual foundation, and life is lived at its most efficient and responsive level. We all aim at this either consciously or unconsciously



Why do we Study?

We Study in order to bring Conscious Understanding & Intelligent Order into our Body, our Mind, & our World.
Shall I drift through life ?
Drifting will not guarantee our best performance. Any white-water canoeist knows this. Somehow we must steer our way through life’s rough waters. But there are two ways to steer: an egotistic way of private purpose, and a Universal way, the way of Creator Intelligence.

Healing Arts


Solve an Issue

Some individuals find the Healing Arts & Therapies truly transformative, enabling them to completely recover, make a fresh start, and start life over again in a regenerated way. Their energy and life returns to a conscious youthful bounce.

Health is wholeness of being. Healing is the process of returning to conscious wholeness of being.