Classical Yoga

Yoga in our current period in the West has been reduced to a merely physical culture.

Classical Yoga has a physical base but aims to transcend this level quickly and move into and through the Mind & Psyche to reunite with the Spirit.

It’s an interesting process to be guided through the levels of being as outlined in the Classical Yoga tradition. Clients are assisted at whatever level they request; physical, mental, psychological, spiritual. Each level has sub-stages and aspects.

Having an experienced teacher & guide makes the journey so much more interesting and fulfilling.

There is nothing wrong with physical culture but Classical Yoga shows the way for individuals to break identification with the physical body, emotional states, desires, lower mind, & ego structure. Classical Yoga opens the way into the Higher Mind, the Will and Pure Consciousness which are the causal aspects of our being.

To find a way through the dark forest of illusion and into the higher realms of Consciousness & Power is to transcend the limitations of finite existence and body identification, and rediscover the way back to our Infinite Source.

This is Classical Yoga, the way open for individuals to become a viable & functional aspect and reflexive vessel of the Universal Being & Absolute from which we derive.




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